The Beginning of the Brass Knuckle Pizza Cutter

Brass Knuckles AutoCAD

I started the process out by creating a 2D drawing of brass knuckles, from an actual pair I had.

Brass Knuckles PhotoI took a picture of the original with my phone.  Then I imported it into AutoCAD and created the drawing using the photo as a guide.  I wound up with a very accurate 2D re-creation of the knuckles.


Brass Knuckles AutoCAD Different designsNext I needed to design the part that connects to the pizza wheel.  I created a few different versions to see which one I liked best.  I did a lot of thinking and holding the real item to determine the important ergonomic aspects to consider.  You can see that some of the designs have a thumb guard and some do not.  Originally I thought this was an important part of the pizza cutter design, after all, that is a blade you are using and you want to guard your fingers from it.  But, I found that this just wasn’t necessary when holding the pair of brass knuckles in the appropriate way, your knuckles are shielded and your thumb does not actually rest where I thought it might.  So eventually the design on the bottom right was chosen as the one to move forward.

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