Car Hood Tables

Project Description

Made from reclaimed sheet metal found on cars in junkyards

Here are some photos of the process of creating car hood coffee tables. The frame is 2-1/2″ 14 gauge steel tubing. The top is sheet metal harvested from actual car hoods found in junkyards in Ohio. The hood metal is cut and bent into shape and welded in place. Finally to preserve the style, patina, and character each hood is clear coated.

The tables are made to be strong, they are made for people who appreciate strength, durability, and high quality metal work.  Let’s just say at the next MMA pay-per view event at your house when things get out of control, this table will be the last thing standing.

The typical dimensions of our Car Hood Coffee Tables are 28″x44″x19″tall.  They weigh about 60-70lbs and can easily support an average full grown man’s weight… also snacks or whatever.

If you don’t need a whole coffee table, but you just need a place to set your beer check out our Car Hood Coasters.



Project Details

May 16th, 2013