Modification to the Brass Knuckles Pizza Cutter

Brass Knuckles Pizza Cutter Single Arm assembly_featured

A re-design of the prototype
After using the 3D printed prototype that I have of the brass knuckle pizza cutter, I have decided to re-design it. The two arm design is strong but very difficult to clean. So, I am trying out a few things and the images show the best version of what I have been playing around with. I want a single arm, but this item really needs to look good, when its finished I want it to look like a natural progression from the original brass knuckles design. So the radii of every surface and all the thicknesses are attended to.

I love the way the single arm version looks! It actually looks better than the earlier two arm design. Its cleaner and still retains the important sturdiness and rigidity.

The next step is to have this version 3D printed and, after that, I plan to cast a urethane version from that from more testing before committing to metal casting. All of these iterations are equal parts annoying and necessary in order to end up with the best possible end product.

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