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Male T-Shirt Mock-Up

I wanted to make a T-shirt expressing my love for camping the way my friends do it…


Male T-Shirt Mock-Up

One spring break in college 2 friends and I took the entire week and just rode 3 4-wheelers all day, every day.  It may be the best my time has ever been spent.  My whole body was sore from the bumpy, rarely traveled trails, but there was a kind of peace to the violent shaking and hypnotic rumble of the engines as we wove our way through the hills of southern Ohio.  4-wheeling by day, shooting guns until the sun set, then beers and jokes by the campfire.

This shirt is a tribute to all of those who have tasted freedom in the way that we did that week.

I am ordering a limited number of these shirts and offering them for sale here and below.

Who knows, if the sell. maybe I’ll make some more.

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