3D Rendering of the Brass Knuckle Pizza Cutter

brass knuck assembly_2

Time to enter the third dimension…

brass knuck assemblybrass knuck assembly_blueNext step is to bring the 2D drawing into Solidworks.  If you start out with a good drawing in AutoCAD, its a very simple process to make a drawing 3D.  Here you see the shape extruded to about 1/2″ and the edges with a slight radius on them to make it look as much like the original item as possible.  One great feature of Solidworks is that you can play around with different materials and colors and see what they will look like from different angles.

brass knuck assembly_3brass knuck assembly_aluminum

I think the final product will be cast in brass, but its interesting to see what it would look like if they were cast in aluminum and/or anodized blue.   The view from the side gives you an idea of how the blade will look and the 2 “arms” that contribute to the look of the item.

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